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Langley Orchestra
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The Orchestras


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With an enrollment of over 200 students, Langley’s orchestra program is the largest organization in the school!  Students will be divided into five separate classes to suit their goals, musical background, and to accommodate their class selections:

Chamber (3rd Period)

  • For advanced students who are enrolling in an additional orchestra class
  • This section explores chamber music designed for smaller groups of performers
  • Represents LHS at receptions and performances in the community

Philharmonic (4th Period)

  • Membership is by Audition Only for all grade levels to provide best balance of instrumentation
  • Competes annually at the Grade VI level at State Assessment
  • Private instruction is strongly encouraged
  • Students are also expected to represent LHS at District, Regional, All-State events 
  • Often combines with members of the band for full orchestra projects

Sophomore (5th Period)

  • Intended for 10th grade students who have completed one year of service with the freshman orchestra
  • May compete at the Grade V level at State Assessment

Symphonic II (6th Period)

  • Intended for upperclassmen who have completed the freshman and sophomore classes
  • May compete  at the Grade V level at State Assessment

Freshman Orchestra (7th Period)

  • Intended for 9th Grade students beginning their exposure to high school orchestra
  • May compete at the Grade IV level in the District XII Orchestra Festival

Saxon Time

Additional rehearsals will be held during Saxon time in Hertzler Hall:

  • Full Orchestra Monday
  • Tenth Grade Tuesday
  • Cello Choir Thursday
  • Freshman Friday


The Langley High School Orchestra . Post Office Box 147 . McLean, VA  22101-0147